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Archive for August 2019

How to prepare for fitting wood flooring?

Reclaimed French Carriage Oak

Prior to Fitting: At Chaunceys we make every effort to ensure that all our flooring is delivered in first class condition. All our new boards are kiln dried, and have been dried and stored to a moisture content of approximately 9 – 12%. This is an estimate of the moisture levels likely to be found…

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The differences between chevron & herringbone flooring

Unfinished Engineered Herringbone Flooring - Wood Flooring Product

What Is Chevron? To achieve a chevron patterned wood floor, planks are cut at 45′ angles and set against each other to form a “V” shape. Due to the  “V” shape, Chevron flooring is often used to make a room look wider or longer. What is Herringbone? Herringbone is created by placing rectangles in a…

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Quick Tips For Maintaining Wood Flooring

Chaunceys Maintenance Products

Wooden floors, properly finished, are the easiest of all floor surfaces to keep clean and new looking. Unlike carpeted floors that show age regardless of care, wood floors can be kept looking like new with minimum care. We’ve put together a list of 7 Tips For Maintaining Wooden Flooring to help you keep your floors looking…

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How To Fit Wood Flooring Planks

Close up floor Fitting Picture

Timing Fitting of wood flooring planks must be done at the final stage of a build – after any plastering or concrete has fully dried out (allow a minimum of 1 month for every inch depth of concrete, screed or render), and before decorating of the room has begun. Keeping this in mind will help…

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How to fit parquet flooring

dark finish engineered herringbone flooring

Please note that this guide on how to fit parquet flooring is for guidance only – we would always recommend using an experienced fitter to lay our floors.  Chaunceys can provide an expert supply and fit service for you – please contact us for a hassle-free quote. Planning: Skirting boards are best fitted after installation…

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The benefits of using reclaimed wood

Warehouse Reclaimed Machined Warehouse Pine

Reclaimed wood will bring character to any interior. It comes with an embedded history and does not conform to a perfect design. It has indentations, naturally aged colouring and other scars of wear and tear, however, it holds great visual individuality that will inevitably be admired by anyone who sees it. Salvaged from old railway cars, barns…

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A brief history of parquet flooring

The Beginnings of Parquet During the late 1600’s when earth and concrete flooring was common in the homes of commoners and marble slabs were the preferred flooring for the wealthy, a new type of flooring was introduced in Versailles, France. This flooring was made by hand cutting small pieces of various colored hardwoods into geometric shapes using squares,…

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