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5 Benefits of Prefinished Wood Flooring

Is prefinished wood flooring a better option for your project? 

We are often asked whether it's a better idea to order prefinished engineered wood flooring or to just order unfinished planks and finish them on site.

Our answer: we believe that choosing prefinished wood flooring is the better option for the vast majority of projects. To explain why, let's look at the benefits of high-quality prefinished engineered floorboards for your project.

Photo credit: Dave Pratt

1. quicker and easier to install

Prefinished engineered floorboards are the quickest and easiest way to create luxurious wood flooring. Once the fitter fixes our prefinished planks to the subfloor, there's should be no further work required to create your perfect floor.

As you won't need to stain and seal your prefinished hardwood flooring on site, you  will also forego the on-site faff involved in keeping the room dust-free — no mean feat on a busy building site.

The option of sanding and finishing unfinished boards on site will likely require more time, and more potential for delays, which must be factored into your project schedule.

Photo credit: Robin Quarrelle

2. more cost-effective

As prefinished wood flooring can be produced, delivered, and fitted so efficiently, and with less downtime in the project schedule, it's a more cost-effective installation option when compared to fitting unfinished planks.

Following the installation of unfinished hardwood flooring, the boards remain unprotected, and must be sanded and finished on site immediately to protect them. This is often labour-intensive, noisy, and messy. Ideally, it's a job for a professional floor finisher too — and it's likely this will be more costly than you might think.

sanding wood flooring

3. curated colours

Our high-quality prefinished flooring collections have been developed in-house by our experienced finishing team. They offer a versatile tonal palette, and we have curated the colours to complement the tones of the timber and allow for the wood's natural expression.

We advise saving yourself the time and hassle of on-site patch testing and final finish decision making. Instead, let us do the work to find you the perfect finish for your wood flooring in our purpose-built production facility.

Credit: David Hegarty - DHD Interiors

4. consistency

When you choose high-quality prefinished wood flooring — especially when creating more complex finishes with multiple coats of stains or tinted oils — it's easier to achieve a more consistent finish on boards in a dedicated production line than it is with on-site finishing.

Our finishing team can control the application of our hardwearing finishes to a much higher degree than even an expert floor finisher can on site.

production line

5. durability 

Modern machine-applied finishes tend to be more durable when compared to many traditional on-site finishing products.

Our finishing production line ensures that finishes are uniformly applied with the precise grammage for each layer of protection on every board. And every order is scratch-tested to ensure its ability to protect your beautiful wood flooring for many years.

Photo credit: Alice Hendy Photography

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