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  • Chaunceys Now Featured on "The List" by House and Garden
    8th February 2017
    Chaunceys are proud to be featured on "The List" directory by House and Garden, the prestigious interior and exterior design magazine's newly launched directory for designers and home makers...
  • 7 Tips For Maintaining Wooden Flooring
    20th July 2016
    Wooden floors, properly finished, are the easiest of all floor surfaces to keep clean and new looking. Unlike carpeted floors that show age regardless of care, wood floors can be...
  • Tips and Advice on Timber Flooring Care and Storage (Prior to Fitting)
    20th July 2016
    Prior to Installation: At Chaunceys we make every effort to ensure that all our flooring is delivered in first class condition. All our new boards are kiln dried, and have...
  • 5 Good Reasons To Use Timber For Sustainable Construction
    20th July 2016
    Timber is without a doubt one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available. It is extraordinarily versatile, naturally renewable, strong to build with and creates a warm and...
  • Oak Floor Laying Guide
    20th July 2016
    Oak Floor Laying Guide: Solid Wood Flooring Planning Wooden floors should be installed at the final stage, after any plastering or concrete has fully dried out (allow a minimum of 1...
  • A Brief History of Parquet Flooring
    20th July 2016
    The Beginnings of Parquet During the late 1600’s when earth and concrete flooring was common in the homes of commoners and marble slabs were the preferred flooring for the wealthy, a new type...
  • Cotswold oak parquet kitchen floor
    Laying Guide for Parquet & Block Flooring
    20th July 2016
    Laying a parquet or block floor is a complex undertaking – we always recommend using an experienced fitter to lay our floors.  Chaunceys Fitting Team can provide an expert service...