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How To Maintain Your Oiled Wood Flooring

Maintaining your oiled wood flooring is simple. We’ve put together this informative routine, with damage prevention suggestions and spot repair instructions.

Preventing Damage to Your Oiled Wood Flooring

To prevent any damage to your oiled floor, install barrier mats such as coir matting inside and outside all external doorways. Wipe up any spilt liquids with a wet damp cloth as wood will absorb liquid and expand which could affect the stability of the floor. Avoid the use of any household cleaners. These can be aggressive and damage or dull the surface and can leave a dangerous slippery film. Your wood needs the right environment: ideally, a room temperature between 15 and 24 degrees Celsius and around 40-65% relative air humidity. Stick felt pads under the legs of all furniture. Lift and avoid dragging when moving the furniture.

Regular Cleaning Of Oiled Wood Flooring

To prevent any hard particles from building up on your flooring, regularly dust your floors with a non-abrasive, lint-free mop. Microfibre mops like the Vileda Spray Pro Inox Mop Kit are great for both dry and wet cleaning of your floors and will help you maintain the look of the high sheen levels.

Regular Damp Cleaning Of Your Oiled Wood Flooring

For regular damp cleaning, we recommend Eco Wash Care, an environmentally friendly, PH neutral floor cleaning system designed for everyday cleaning of oiled and lacquered wooden floors. Paired with a Vileda Spray Pro Inox Mop Kit you can be assured your flooring will be gently and thoroughly cleaned and dirt repellent.

Care & Regeneration Of Your Oiled Wood Flooring

Reviving your oiled flooring is quite simple when using our Wax Care. This solution will regenerate and freshen up worn oak floor surfaces while simultaneously improving wear protection. To use, apply Wax Care on the dust-cleaned floor and rub evenly with a cloth – let dry and polish with a cloth or mop. Be sure to use this do this approx. every 3 months or as required – in very high traffic areas this could be required monthly or even weekly. In larger areas, this can be applied via a slowly rotating buffing machine.

Intensive Cleaning Of Your Oiled Wooden Flooring

Eco Magic Cleaner is recommended for intensive cleaning of heavily worn oak floor surfaces. For removal of surface stains & worn bare oak, put a small quantity of Eco Magic Cleaner on your floor and leave for 5-10 minutes then wash off with clean water. Be careful that you do not use steel wool, microfibre or abrasive cleaner when using Eco Magic Cleaner. After using magic cleaner a protective coat should be applied. We recommend maintenance oil or hard wax oil, depending on wear.

Restoring Oiled Wood Flooring

Maintenance Oil is recommended for infrequent maintenance of heavily used wood flooring. Clean the surfaces to be treated with Eco Magic Cleaner prior to application. On the clean floor, spread and rub in the oil evenly with a cloth and let dry. For removal of stubborn stains: pour a small quantity of Maintenance Oil on the floor and rub the stain with a rag. Never use steel wool, filament mop (microfibre) or abrasive cleaners!