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How to prepare for fitting wood flooring?

Prior to Fitting:

At Chaunceys we make every effort to ensure that all our flooring is delivered in first class condition. All our new boards are kiln dried, and have been dried and stored to a moisture content of approximately 9 – 12%. This is an estimate of the moisture levels likely to be found in an average UK property where central heating has been installed. This is an estimate only as ambient moisture levels can vary widely from one property to the next. We, therefore, recommend that the timber flooring whether kiln dried or not (if reclaimed), should be allowed to acclimatise in the room (or adjoining room if open to the original) where the flooring is to be laid and carry out moisture checks on site.

Recommended Acclimatisation times:

Engineered boards: Allow 3-7 days for our Tectonic (engineered) boards.
Solid boards: Allow at least 10-14 days for acclimatising new timber.
Reclaimed boards: Approximately 3 weeks for reclaimed where required.
The installation site should have a consistent room temperature of 15°C – 24° C and humidity of
40-65% for 14 days prior, during and after installation, to allow for proper acclimatisation.
N.B. Where flooring is being bonded directly over a new or old screeded floor, it is essential that the screed is thoroughly moisture tested with a hygrometer. If this is not possible, or moisture levels are too high, we would recommend applying a coat of Liquid Damp Proof Membrane (moisture barrier) prior to bonding the flooring.


When storing the timber the boards should be removed from their wrapping and separated to allow airflow around them. They can be made into a stack so that all boards are supported evenly and regularly along their length:
Boards should not be stacked in contact with any source of direct heat such as alongside a central heating radiator or by a large window with direct sunlight.
Similarly boards should not be stacked adjacent to sources of moisture, such as newly rendered or plastered walls, or a recently laid concrete sub-floor.
If in doubt seek advice.

Subfloor pipe:

If the boards are to be laid over existing or new central heating pipes, ensure that these are fully insulated.
If the boards are to be laid over underfloor heating, please contact us to discuss

* * Please note : Stacking as above is not carried out by the Chaunceys delivery team**
Ends of boards must be supported
Short boards at 900 or
Regular thickness dry battens or sticks