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Narrow French Carriage Oak

These solid, full-thickness oak boards were rescued from disused railway carriages in France and Belgium.

These carriage boards are supplied in their original unprocessed, reclaimed form, allowing you to explore your creativity and take advantage of the beautiful versatility of these boards. In fact, these are the starting point of products in our Domaine Collection.

They can be used to create wonderful rustic oak counter tops, tables, and for cladding or joinery purposes. Hit-and-miss plane these boards, then apply hardwax oil to bring to life the contrast between the oak’s warm honey tones and the dark knots, cracks, and bolt holes which reveal their history.

suitable for cladding icon Suitable for cladding only.

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  • Narrow French Carriage Oak
  • Construction
  • Lengths
    2.5m - 2.7m
  • Dimensions
  • Grades
  • Profile
  • Stocked
  • Dimensions:
    45mm x 90 - 130mmm
  • Grades:
  • Profile:
    Original Edge
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