5 Reasons to Use Reclaimed Timber Cladding

21 May 2024
Reclaimed Warehouse Roof Pine at Gara Rock Hotel project

Moving away from the traditional interior décor choices of paint and paper is becoming more popular than ever — with many designers opting for more eye-catching materials for walls and ceilings. And the on-trend choice of timber cladding and wall-panelling is a clear favourite, with reclaimed wood fast becoming a go-to material for many interior designers.

So, what makes reclaimed timber such a great material for interior cladding?

1. On-Trend Rustic Aesthetic

Reclaimed wood has natural rustic character which can’t be replicated by any other material. With its ability to provide stylish texture and close-to-nature charm in any space, it’s no surprise that so many interior designers are embracing the beauty of reclaimed timber and using it to make a statement with feature walls and ceilings.

London based Interior Designer, Jojo Barr of House Nine talks about her love of reclaimed timber:

“I like to use reclaimed timber wall cladding in my projects as it adds an authentic rustic character to any room. Most recently we clad an entire cloakroom in a Chaunceys timber cladding and it gave the feeling that you could be in an alpine ski lodge.”

Use reclaimed wood in other areas of the room, tying in features such as desks, shelves, counter tops or bars to complete the look. Jojo continues:

“We also used reclaimed timber on the headboard walls of our Gara Rock hotel project. It added a layer of depth behind our luxurious velvet headboards to give a country cabin feel.”

2. Eye-catching Individuality

Wood that has been reclaimed invites you to look closer; it creates feature walls and ceilings that are unique. Cladding a wall with this perfectly imperfect timber adds visual drama, taking advantage of its embedded history and the captivating life story it tells. Every batch of reclaimed timber is unique.

3. Warm, Comforting Tones

Reclaimed wood is renowned for its warmth and its ability to create cosy, inviting spaces with its natural colours. Cladding walls with reclaimed wood is a very effective way to cocoon your rooms with these warm tones and add a sense of comfort to any interior.

There is a wide variety of reclaimed timber available, each with its own distinctive look, allowing you to select from a versatile organic palette.

“Chaunceys are always an absolute pleasure to deal with and help explain the nature of the wood and variation in colour that only adds to the character and the overall look.

Jojo Barr, House Nine Design

4. Sustainable Wood

Cladding your walls or ceilings with reclaimed wood allows you to have characterful wood with minimal environmental impact. By giving reclaimed wood a new home, you’re extending the service life of the timber and supporting a circular economy and sustainable design. Re-using existing timber reduces virgin timber harvesting and has a small carbon footprint — a great benefit for our eco-conscious clients.

5. Find Rare Timber Species

There are some wood species that are very difficult to source ethically, but can be found as reclaimed products and given a new lease of life. In particular, we can often reclaim exotic hardwoods from tropical regions — including species such as Ipe, Keruing, Massaranduba, and Merbau — from disused warehouses and old railway carriages. Wood from these species is extremely strong and hard wearing as flooring, and offers distinctive character and rich colours when used as wall cladding.

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