Dry Biscuit light oak herringbone flooring

Tectonic® Oak Herringbone

Our Tectonic® oak Herringbone blocks are a great option for creating the timeless aesthetic of herringbone flooring.

The stability of engineered wood flooring allows us to create these stylish herringbone patterns in much larger dimensions to suit larger interior spaces. All our engineered oak herringbone blocks are suitable for installation over underfloor heating systems.

Key Features:
  • Engineered oak blocks
  • Available in larger formats.
  • FSC® certified (FSC-C131323) available.
  • Outstanding structural stability.

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Hickory Smoked Tumbled Herringbone

Tumbled Oak Herringbone

Our tumbled solid oak parquet blocks have a charming aged aesthetic, with subtle distressing on the surface and edges. Our Tumbled Herringbone blocks are suitable for installation over underfloor heating (UFH) systems.

Whilst we generally advise against solid wood on top of UFH, these blocks are an exception to the rule. As the blocks are small, the expansion and contraction is minimal, and when properly installed in an interlocking pattern they are adequately stable for projects with UFH.

Key Features:
  • Characterful solid oak blocks.
  • Distressed surface for a charming aged look.
  • Complements both traditional and contemporary interiors.

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A Few of Our Favourite Finishes on Herringbone

Any of our finishes below can be applied to our parquet blocks to create your perfect floor. Here are a few of our favourites.

Giant Oak Herringbone

We also supply Giant Tectonic® Herringbone blocks (available in 220mm x 800mm and 220mm x 1100mm), designed to suit larger interior spaces.

Parquet Specifications

View all products specifications for our parquet flooring options.

Tectonic® Oak Herringbone
  • Construction: Engineered
  • Micro-bevelled as standard
  • Grades: Prime or Character



16mm x 70mm x 350mm

16mm x 90mm x  450mm

16mm x 100 x 500mm

16mm x 100 x 700mm

20mm x 100 x 500mm *Character-grade only


Tumbled Oak Herringbone
  • Construction: Solid
  • Distressed Edges
  • Grade: Mill Run



20mm x 70mm x 280mm

Giant Tectonic® Oak Herringbone
  • Construction: Engineered
  • Micro-bevelled as standard
  • Grade: Character



21mm x 220mm x 800mm

21mm x 220mm x 1100mm


Have You Considered Adding A Texture?

Add more character to your floor boards by adding a texture such as light or medium brushing, or opt for Rift & Quarter Sawn for an authentic industrial look.

Explore Other Design Choices

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