Floor Refinishing & Resanding

If your wood flooring is damaged or heavily worn, it might no longer be possible to simply clean and re-apply a new top coat to revitalise it. The next option for wood flooring like this is to sand back the floor to the bare wood and reapply a new finish.

Our Process

Sanding & Preparation

Sand off what remains of the existing finish to create a smooth, clean, unfinished wood surface.


Once you’ve selected your floor finish, our experienced fitters can methodically apply it to your floor to achieve your desired aesthetic.


Depending on whether it’s a lacquer or a hardwax oil, the finish can take up to 8 hours to fully cure.

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Case Study – Full Sand & Re-Oil

These clients had young children when the floor was fitted about 10 years ago, and had not re-oiled it since. Now that the children are grown they wanted to spruce up the family home. Our team carried out a full sand and re-oil.

Example of resanded wood flooring


How Do I know If My Floor Needs Resanding?

There are a few signs of wear and tear that indicate it is time to refinish your floor:

  • Lots of scratches that can’t be covered up
  • Discolouration – usually caused by strong sunlight
  • Boards are turning grey or black

If you’re still not sure, take some photos of the damaged areas, and send them to our Customer Services team who will advise you on the best course best of action for your flooring.

How Often Should I Refinish My Wood Floor?

This will depend on the type of wood flooring you have. Typically the process of resanding will remove 1mm of material each time.

Solid wood floors are very durable and should be refinished every 10-15 years depending on the level of wear and tear. Some softer wood such as douglas fir, or pine may need to be refinished more often.

Engineered wood floors can be refinished 3-5 times over the life time of the floor, depending on the thickness of the real wood top layer. Our 20mm Bristol Tectonic® Engineered Oak planks have a 5.5mm oak top layer and can be refinished 4 or 5 times. Our 15mm Bristol Tectonic® Engineered Oak planks  have a 3.5mm real wood top layer and can be sanded up to 3 times.

If you look after your flooring with a regular maintenance routine it will continue to look good for many years without the need for refinishing or resanding.

Get in touch with our Customer Services team to discuss our maintenance packages or get advice on the best way to look after your flooring.

How Can I Revitalise My Wood Flooring Without Sanding?

Is your wood flooring looking a bit tired, changing colour, or losing its lustre? If the answer is yes, chances are it needs some attention.

Treat your oiled wood flooring with our Eco Wax Care to regenerate the protective oil in the wood and keep it looking fresh. Use our Eco Refresher to regenerate and revive worn lacquered surfaces and improve your wood flooring’s wear protection.

If your wood flooring has embedded grime from day-to-day foot traffic, it may start to draw your eye, but it often looks worse than it is. A thorough clean could quickly improve the appearance of your floor.

We recommend a wood flooring cleaner such as our Eco Magic Cleaner for intensive cleaning in trouble spots. After a clean, you might find that the dirt and scuffs are much less of a problem than they first appeared.

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