Adding Texture to Your Wood Flooring

Adding textures involves extra processing of our unfinished boards prior to adding any finishes, with the ability to craft textures to your individual requirements.

So, whether you want a subtle fine-brush to enhance the grain patterns, a heavy-brushed texture to add a more dramatic aged look, or the rustic cross-saw marks of traditionally cut timber — we can add the perfect texture to suit your project. We even supply boards that authentically recreate the wear marks of century-old distressed flooring.

Brsushed engineered wood flooring


Adding a brushed texture to your wood flooring enhances your floor’s unique character.

The process involves running a wire rotary brush over the boards in the direction of the grain to remove the softer fibres of wood. This emphasises the contrast in the grain of your floorboards, accentuating the natural beauty of the wood’s structure.

We can brush your wood flooring to various depths depending on the look you want to achieve.

Fine Brushed

Adds a subtle amount of texture and charm to the surface for an elegant aged appearance.

Desert Stone oak flooring close up showing fine brushed texture

Medium Brushed

Wire brushing goes slightly deeper into the grain to add more texture for extra character.


Milky Coffee medium brushed oak flooring close up

Heavy Brushed

A deeper double-brushing process emphasises the grain structure for a distinctive, tactile texture and a dramatic aged look.

Vintage Grey oak flooring - close up of heavy brushed texture

smoked, sawn and white oiled oak flooring


Replicating the appearance of traditionally cut timber, our Cross-Sawn texture can be added to your flooring to recreate the unique ripples of rough sawn timber.

This distinctive texture reaches into the past with a nod to traditional timber cutting methods. The effect is raw, rustic, and eye-catching.


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Cross Sawn oak flooring closeup of texture

midnight brown sawn & brushed oak flooring

Sawn & Brushed

Combining brushing with cross-sawing creates spectacular texture-rich wood flooring with a flowing, non-uniform contour. The result: wood flooring or cladding which is visually dramatic and irresistibly tactile.

This is an ideal texture option for creating a relaxed coastal aesthetic, or adding a sense of laid-back luxury in any space.


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Desert Grey Sawn & Brushed oak flooring

Aged & Distressed Solid Oak Flooring - Wood Flooring Product


Select a distressed texture on your boards to recreate the authentic wear marks that you would find on original aged flooring in period properties.


Surface and edges are distressed to achieve a more rustic, aged aesthetic.


Roasted Honey Tumbled Herringbone


Regency® Distressed

Our Regency® boards are distressed with exceptional authenticity to create the look of century-old flooring.

Regency Natural oak flooring

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Pair your textured flooring with the perfect colour. Our finishes can be bright and contemporary, quietly traditional, or deeply luxurious, but will always allow the wood to speak for itself.

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