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Let us guide you through the key choices you’ll need to make your floor exactly how you want it — from the style and format of your flooring, through to your texture options and finding the perfect colour finish for your intended space.

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Designed to last a lifetime, our sustainable engineered wood flooring planks are available up to 300mm wide.
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Our engineered and solid oak herringbone blocks are the classic option for creating the timeless aesthetic of herringbone flooring.
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This striking geometric pattern is created with small planks cut at 45 degree angles, set against each other to form a ‘V’ shape.
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These beautiful parquet panels can add a sense of heritage and grandeur to any interior.
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Our team can create an array of wood flooring textures which can be applied to all of our pre-finished flooring.
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Find out about our finishing process and explore wood flooring finishes grouped by similar colours.

Need Some Inspiration?

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