Wood Floor Maintenance

Over the years, life in a busy home can take its toll on wood flooring, especially in high-traffic areas.
A routine of regular maintenance should keep your wood flooring looking beautiful and maximise its life.

Ranging from light-touch preventative maintenance through to a more intensive treatment for badly damaged floors,
we offer a range of services to suit your needs.

Refresh Maintenance for Wood Flooring

1. Refresh

Our Refresh treatment package offers a light touch preventative maintenance routine which involves buffing your floor with a coat of oil to keep the surface in good condition and well-sealed. For best results we recommend this is carried out on a quarterly basis. Our team can also offer on-going advice on cleaning routines and damage prevention.

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  • Suitable for floors with minor blemishes and surface scratches
  • Perfect for renewing dull and worn floors
  • Dries within 3-4 hours
  • Can be carried out with minimal disruption
Restore Maintenance for Wood Flooring

2. Restore

Our Restore treatment involves giving your floor a deep clean using our specialist cleaning equipment. A new coat of Hard Wax Oil or Lacquer is then applied to your floor to provide lasting protection. This treatment is perfect for floors with minor surface scratches, darkness in the grain and patchy areas, and is recommended to be carried out on an annual basis.

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  • Deep clean and re-coat of Hard Wax Oil or Lacquer
  • Suitable for floors with light to moderate wear
  • Uses hardwax oil or lacquer for lasting protection
Rescue Maintenance for Wood Flooring

3. Rescue

If your floor is in need of a more drastic treatment, with some fairly bad scratching and staining, our Rescue treatment is a great option, without the need for a full sand and seal which can be costly and more disruptive.

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  • Deep clean and re-coat
  • Suitable for oil and laquer floors
  • Minimal disruption
  • Removes localised wear, some deeper scratches, staining and discolouration

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How can I prevent damage to my wood floors?

Prevention is always better when it comes to floor wear.

Installing barriers like coir matting inside and outside all external doorways and always wiping up any spilt liquids with a damp cloth is a good place to start.

Avoid using aggressive cleaners; they damage or dull the surface and leave a dangerous slippery film.

Sticking felt pads under the legs of all furniture you have and ensuring you lift heavy pieces instead of dragging them will also save you maintenance time in the future.

What should I use to clean my floor with?

To prevent any hard particles from building up on your flooring, regularly dust your floors with a
non-abrasive, lint-free mop. Microfibre mops like the Vileda Spray Pro Inox Mop Kit are great for
both dry and wet cleaning of your floors and will help you maintain the look of the high sheen

We recommend Eco Wash Care, an environmentally friendly, PH neutral floor cleaning system
designed for everyday cleaning of oiled and lacquered wooden floors for regular damp cleaning.
Paired with a Vileda Spray Pro Inox Mop Kit, you can be assured your flooring will be gently and
thoroughly cleaned and remain dirt repellent.

Wax Care is an excellent solution that will regenerate and freshen up worn oiled oak floor
surfaces while simultaneously improving wear protection. To use, apply Wax Care on a dustcleaned
floor and rub evenly with a cloth – let dry and polish with a cloth. We suggest doing this
every three months or as required. In very high traffic areas, this could be necessary monthly or
weekly. In larger rooms, apply the solution via a slowly rotating buffing machine.

Eco Magic Cleaner is recommended for intensive cleaning of heavily worn oak floor surfaces. To
remove surface stains, put a small quantity of Eco Magic Cleaner on your floor and leave for 5-10
minutes, then wash off with clean water. Be careful not to use steel wool, microfibre or abrasive
cleaner when using Eco Magic Cleaner. After using magic cleaner, you should apply a protective
coat of either maintenance oil or hard wax oil, depending on wear.

Maintenance Guides

Below are some guides we have put together to help you look after your wood flooring and keep it looking its best for years to come.

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