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Combining your imagination and individuality with our wealth of finishing expertise, we can create bespoke flooring to achieve your desired aesthetic — from unique colours and textures to feature staircases.

Imagined. Crafted. Delivered

In addition to our extensive collections, our in-house specialists are able to tailor our finishes to create unique timber flooring and bring your design vision to life. From creating one-of-a-kind colours and eye-catching textures to custom colour matching, Chaunceys can provide a truly personalised flooring experience.


Do you want your floor to be sanded smooth or add extra character with our texture options? A brushed texture accentuates the timber’s unique grain patterns and cross sawing creates the eye-catching ripples of rough sawn timber.

Choose from our Fine Brushed, Medium Brushed, Heavy Brushed, Cross Sawn, Sawn & Brushed or Distressed textures.

Brushed Milky Coffee engineered oak flooring


We offer a varied palette of flooring colours which can be customised to suit any interior style — from light, uplifting finishes and elegant neutrals, to warm, inviting midtones and sumptuous darker options.


We can help transform your existing stairs to create a striking, bespoke feature staircase in your home, and can even colour match your stairs to existing floors. See our Bespoke Stairs page for more details.

matt oiled engineered wood flooring on stairs

finishing touches

Our finishing specialists can also pre-finish matching trims, thresholds, stair treads and risers, and other finishing touches to tie in with each flooring order.