Ranging from adhesives, primers, levelling compounds, screeds and mouldings, to our maintenance and cleaning kits, Chaunceys provides a variety of accessories required for fitting, restoring and maintaining your floor.



Mouldings are key finishing details which will elegantly complete the aesthetic of your wood flooring. They are designed to seamlessly hide expansion gaps at the perimeter of the floor, bridge threshold gaps, and cover pipe holes. We supply high-quality solid oak mouldings which can be supplied unfinished or pre-finished by our in-house finishing team with a clear or finish of your choice.
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Aged Oak Flooring

Aged oak flooring with characterful distressed texture to achieve the visual appeal of enduring floors from historic properties.

Classic Oak Flooring

Versatile, timeless oak flooring with beautiful hard-wearing finishes to suit every style – ranging from warm honey-toned oak to dark luxury.

Reclaimed Wood

Authentic reclaimed wood flooring with embedded history — suitable for creating a pared-back Victorian era look or a dramatic industrial aesthetic.