Sustainable from the Start

Since Chaunceys began supplying timber flooring in 1988, sustainability has been a vital part of our company ethos — and that will never change.

Chaunceys takes pride in running an environmentally ethical business, from sourcing and production through to distribution and installation. We are committed to providing the highest quality natural wood flooring products whilst making a conscious effort to minimise impact on the environment.

Raw Pine Reclaimed Timber stack

Our Roots: Reclaimed Timber

Realising the potential for sustainable design by using reclaimed timber is a passion of ours. In fact, Chaunceys’ beginnings are rooted in supplying reclaimed timber, and in helping our clients extend the life of timber to enable sustainable interior design.

A significant part of our business still involves reclaimed wood, and we plan to further develop these product collections to support a circular economy.

As we have grown to supply more of our new engineered hardwood floors, we have always adapted and made conscious choices to limit our environmental impact.

Flooring For Life Stamp

Flooring for Life

True to our company strapline, ‘Flooring for Life,’ our engineered hardwood flooring is of the highest quality and is designed to last a lifetime.

By investing in our natural, durable wood flooring, we believe our clients are provided with practical, sustainable, long-term design choices which create enduring beauty for any interior space.

Responsible Sourcing & Certification

We source our timber from companies with a long-standing reputation for quality and proven environmental credentials.

All stocks of new European and North American Hardwoods are purchased, as far as genuinely ascertainable, from sustainably managed forests. And we endeavour, where possible, to source fully certified timber for our flooring. This approach helps our customers respond to demands for more sustainable timber and makes it easier for them to choose a product that addresses conservation and sustainability challenges.

To minimise ‘floor miles’, we source most of our timber from Europe, supplemented with some from North America/Canada, and nearly all our production is carried out in Europe or the UK.

Chaunceys FSC certification logo

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)

We are certified by the FSC® (FSC® C131323). This ensures that our FSC® certified flooring is independently verified as being sustainable.

This means we can rest assured that all materials used in production are sourced responsibly and meet the stringent chain of custody requirements at every step in the supply chain.

By opting for certified wood products from accredited sources, we are supporting the growth and preservation of forests, to ensure they benefit the environment for generations to come.

PEFC logo

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

Chaunceys are also PEFC-certified (CATG-PEFC-COC-040), enabling us to supply timber with the independently verified assurance of PEFC’s chain of custody system.

Clean and Green: Solar Energy

Using renewable energy to power our production is an important part of our sustainability efforts, with
solar panels providing power in our old premises for many years.

Since moving into our new production facility in October 2021, we have installed a brand new solar photovoltaic system.
These efficient solar panels are an important part of our efforts to actively reduce our carbon emissions.

The aim is for the system to produce more than enough power for all our energy requirements, with excess
energy going back to the grid.

Growing Towards a Greener Future

Ecologi logo

Tree Planting with Ecologi

In partnership with Bristol-based environmental organisation Ecologi, we established the Chaunceys Forest in October 2022. We now plant a UK tree for every sale (Terms & Conditions apply).

Forest of Avon Trust logo

Supporting the Forest of Avon Trust

We have also pledged our support to the Forest of Avon Trust — a fantastic local charity committed to improving green spaces to benefit the environment and the community in the Bristol area.  During tree planting season we support local tree planting initiatives as much as possible and invite staff members to get involved during work hours.

We Plant a Tree for Every Sale

In partnership with Bristol-based environmental organisation Ecologi, we now plant a UK tree for every sale (Terms & Conditions apply).