Transform With Timber For a Chalet Style Space

26 July 2022
A cosy alpine chalet style interior

Creating a Cosy Alpine Chalet Interior

With many recent changes to the way we work and live, we have found ourselves spending more time in our homes than ever. As a consequence, the importance of our homes as a personal sanctuary has has been brought into focus, and it has led many to redesign their interiors. And homeowners are more willing than ever to invest in the creation of new comforting spaces to retreat to. So, it’s no wonder we are seeing more spaces influenced by alpine cabin interiors. With that in mind, what are the best ways to create an interior with alpine cabin cosiness?

Warm Things Up Alpine-style With Reclaimed Timber Cladding

An alpine chalet style interior should be an inviting escape from the world outside: think crackling fires and cups of après ski hot chocolate. A sense of warmth is key – so, the natural warm tones of timber make it the perfect material.

Raw Pine reclaimed cladding
Raw Pine Reclaimed Cladding at our Bristol HQ

A sense of connection to nature is also a vital element in creating a chalet style space. And there’s no better way to achieve a close-to-nature interior than re-using timber from the exterior of a mountain dwelling. Giving boards like these a second chance inside your home is the epitome of bringing the outdoors in. Importantly, it’s a very sustainable option too.

Focus on Natural Materials

Keep to natural materials which hold the sense of connection to nature – a vital aspect of designing a chalet chic interior.

Raw Pine reclaimed cladding

Using reclaimed wood cladding on your walls and ceilings can cocoon your space with the eye-catching charm, rustic texture, and warm natural tone that timber is known for. The right choice of timber cladding can be a very effective way to conjure that coveted alpine chalet vibe.

Use a Subtle, Organic Palette

When selecting paints to go alongside your timber, bear in mind that it’s best to keep the décor pared back, reflecting natural elements and using neutral, muted tones.

The Right Lighting

Choose your lighting wisely. Allow as much natural light as you can and use well-placed lighting to showcase the texture of timber wall cladding.

Warehouse Roof Pine at Gara Rock Hotel

Add a Touch of Soft Texture with Textiles

Use soft natural fabrics, luxurious throws and sheepskin rugs to enhance the sense of comfort in your space.

About our Alpine Collection


Naturally transformed by exposure to the elements, reclaimed softwood boards from our Alpine collection take on a tactile, contoured texture as they weather, and turn silver-grey as they oxidise after years of contact with the mountain air.

Antique Silver Pine planks
Antique Silver Pine
Exterior alpine softwood cladding awaiting rescue.

Creating our Raw Pine Cladding

Carefully wire brushing these original-faced boards serves to accentuate their distressed, contoured texture and brings back the natural warm tone of the timber – perfect for chalet style interior cladding.

Raw Pine reclaimed cladding
Reclaimed Raw Pine Cladding