Cleaning hardwood floors

18 September 2020
Cleaner For Waxed Wood Floors

What cleaner should I use on wood flooring?

Keeping your wood flooring clean is key to maintaining it. Hardwood flooring does require some attention to keep it looking at its best, but it shouldn’t be a daunting task.

No matter how careful you are, day-to-day life brings all kinds of unwanted dirt into your home. If you want to enjoy your wood flooring for as long as possible, the best way to limit wear and tear is with regular cleaning. So, which floor cleaner is best to use on your floorboards? And what is the best method for cleaning your wood flooring?

Regular dry cleaning of hardwood flooring: Sweep or vacuum to prevent scratches

Grit and mud can be abrasive and can scratch your floor if they are trodden into the surface. The most effective way to avoid these scratches is a quick sweep over with a soft brush, a dry microfibre mop, or a vacuum cleaner with a hard floor attachment.

Vileda spray pro inox kit

Regular damp cleaning of hardwood flooring

Which cleaner?

Using the right kind of cleaner is important. Household cleaners, and detergents can be too abrasive and are likely to damage the finish and cause a lot of problems. Any harsh chemicals should be avoided, and you should never steam clean your wood flooring.

You will need to use a cleaning product that is effective, but also kind to your beautiful floor. Thankfully, there are many excellent specialist cleaning products available which are specifically formulated for cleaning wood flooring.

Eco Wash Care

We recommend Eco Wash Care for everyday cleaning of wood flooring. This is an environmentally friendly, PH neutral floor cleaning system designed for cleaning oiled and lacquered wood flooring. It’s easy to use too: just add it to water using the cap to measure the required amount (with the 1-litre container, two capfuls are enough for 5 litres of water) and you’re ready to go. Use this and your floor will be gently but thoroughly cleaned, leaving it streak-free and dirt repellent.

Cleaner For Waxed Wood Floors

Cleaning method

We recommend using a microfibre mop such as the Vileda Spray Pro Inox Mop Kit. The mop should only be damp, not excessively wet; a high-quality mop that is easy to thoroughly wring out is ideal. It’s best practice not to leave large amounts of water on the surface. The excess water left on your wood flooring can lead to problems such as crowning as the floor takes on moisture and expands.

More intensive cleaning

We recommend using Eco Magic Cleaner for intensive cleaning of heavily worn oak floor surfaces. This product is intended for infrequent use to tackle persistent stains. Put a small quantity on the floor, leave for 5-10 minutes, then mop off using clean water.

Magic Cleaner For Wood Flooring

Please email or call us if you would like to order any of these cleaning products or need advice on cleaning and maintaining your wood flooring.