Concept to Creation: Bespoke Flooring for Jojo Barr

26 May 2022
Jojo Barr in the Chaunceys showroom

Jojo Barr, Creative Director and founder of the acclaimed interior architect design practice, @houseninedesign, visited our new showroom to explore our finishing options and create her dream flooring.

We have worked with Jojo on many of her projects, finding the perfect timber cladding and flooring for her clients, including the luxurious Gara Rock Hotel. She also chose our flooring for her own property renovations. We were excited to help Jojo with a bespoke floor finish for her latest project.

Jojo’s Flooring Journey

The Chaunceys team gave her the full showroom experience, taking her through our range of flooring styles and finishes. Once we had an idea of the look that Jojo was trying to achieve, we tested out some bespoke finishes so she could see first-hand how the application of different finish choices can transform the oak. Finally, we gave her a behind-the-scenes tour of the production operation at our Bristol HQ.

I have had the great pleasure of working with Chaunceys over the past few years on many of our projects including the Gara Rock Hotel in Devon.

Knowing their quality and service, when it came to selecting flooring for my own home, there’s nowhere else I would have turned.

Jojo Barr, House Nine Design

We had the pleasure of following her journey from concept to creation, helping her find the perfect flooring for her project and seeing it go straight into production.⁠ Jojo visited us on Tuesday, and on Thursday — just two days later — we delivered the pre-finished planks to her home.

The Flooring Style

As much as Jojo loved our parquet flooring options, she had a clear vision for her flooring: her heart was set on our engineered oak planks. With that in mind, we explored various width options, from 130mm wide boards up to our magnificent 400mm extra-wide planks on our showroom floor.

She quickly decided that 220mm wide Tectonic® oak planks would best suit the intended spaces.

Jojo Barr exploring flooring options in our showroom

Making the Grade

Her next choice was selecting which grade of oak she wanted for her floor. Jojo opted for our Character Grade planks; she wanted her floor to showcase the beauty of the oak’s knots, colour variations and other charming natural imperfections.

Talking Texture

In our production area, Jojo saw how we use our machines to achieve our texture options. She got hands-on with the oak to feel the differences between our Fine Brushed, Medium Brushed, Heavy Brushed, and Sawn and Brushed textures. Then, we tested some colours on each texture to show how they each affect our finishes.

Jojo opted for a subtle Fine Brushed texture to gently enhance the oak’s unique grain.⁠

To make my choice, I was invited to visit the factory and showroom. I can now safely say I fully understand the love and care that goes into their flooring.

Jojo Barr, House Nine Design

Finish: Getting the Colour Right

Next, we hand-applied some of our finishes to our unfinished oak boards in search of Jojo’s ideal colour. We started testing out some of our lighter Alabaster collection finishes. After a few trials, she decided that our Milky Coffee finish was the one for her. The finish gently highlighted the grain whilst giving the characterful Fine Brushed oak planks an elegant neutral tone.

They got as much satisfaction in me finding the right colour as I did and it was a really enjoyable journey from selection through to delivery.

Jojo Barr, House Nine Design

She decided an Ultra Matt top coat was the ideal choice of sheen level for her floor.

Jojo’s tour of the Chaunceys production operation continued onto our finishing lines where our unfinished planks are given their colour treatments and protective finishes.

Delivery Day

Two days after her visiting us, our delivery driver was offloading her bespoke pre-finished boards into Jojo’s house. He carefully stacked the planks onto timber battens to allow them to acclimatise in their new home. Jojo couldn’t wait to unwrap some of the boards and take a peek at the finished product — and the smile said it all.

The boards were laid last week and I am thrilled with how they look.

Jojo Barr, House Nine Design

Updates to follow

We will be following up with updates as soon as we can to show the results. Watch this space!

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