How to Choose Wood Flooring

9 February 2023
It can be tricky to know where to start when it comes to choosing wood flooring. There are so many beautiful products available and, as you will be living with your choice for many years, it’s easy to become a bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities. This guide should explain the choices available to you, and hopefully lead you to your perfect floor.
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How To Choose Your Perfect Floor

Engineered wood is a stylish and durable option for flooring that adds character and warmth to any space. However, with so many colours and design options to choose from, it can be diffcult to know where to start. Consider each of the design choices below to find your perfect floor.

1. Format

Are you considering planks or parquet? Once you know what format you want, consider which size would best suit your space.

2. Grade

Do you want your wood flooring to have plenty of natural character, or do you prefer a cleaner and more consistent look?

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3. Texture

Consider an additional texture for your wood flooring such as brushing or cross-sawing, for even more character and warmth.

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4. Colour

Are you looking for dark and dramatic, or more natural and lighter tones? Choose your favourite colour from our collections.

Dry Biscuit light oak herringbone flooring

1. Format

Which flooring style and board size will suit your intended space? Decide on a plank or pattern, and your desired product dimensions.

Do you want a classic, traditional oak floorboard, extra-wide engineered oak boards, stylish herringbone, or another intricate parquet design?

Take a look at our project gallery and filter by board type to see inspirational projects featuring all our flooring formats.

character grade oak flooring

2. Grade

Pick a grade – choose between Character or Prime for our oak boards.

Do you want natural, characterful wood flooring, or a cleaner, contemporary aesthetic?

See our Grading Guides for more information.

Brsushed engineered wood flooring

3. Texture

Consider an additional texture for your wood flooring.

Adding a brushed texture accentuates the unique grain structure of each floorboard. Combine it with cross-sawing to create an eye-catching, rustic floor that’s irresistably tactile. Alternatively, opt for a distressed plank to create a floor with an authentically aged appearance.

Midnight Brown Sawn and brushed oak flooring

4. Colour

Choose your favourite finish.

Whether you’re after a lighter shade,  warm mid-tone, or luxuriously dark wood flooring, we can create the perfect hard-wearing finish for your project.

Take a look at our Product Selector to view our products by colour and collection.

Can’t decide on the colour? Order some free samples or visit our Bristol showroom to browse all our collections.

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