Introducing Our New Micro Bevel

13 April 2021
We’re not afraid to make a change when we believe it will improve our products. So, we’ve decided to make a slight tweak to our planks in 2021: our micro bevel is getting slightly smaller.
2021 micro bevel

What are the Differences Between the Old Bevel and the New Bevel?

How Much Smaller?

The difference between the old bevel and new bevel is less than half a millimetre; it will decrease from 1.2mm down to 0.8mm. It might not seem like a big change, but we think the smallest details are always worth talking about.

Milky Coffee Engineered Oak Flooring - Wood Flooring Project

The Aesthetic

We feel the new micro-bevel gives a more attractive look. This slightly less-pronounced bevel still gives our wood flooring a quietly traditional appearance, but it’s subtle enough to fit elegantly into a wide variety of interior spaces. Our new bevel will create versatile wood flooring which is beautiful and on-trend. The exceptional quality of our engineered planks remains unchanged.

2020 Micro Bevel
New 2021 Micro Bevel

Why the Change?

We have offered micro bevelled planks as standard on all our pre-finished flooring for many years. Micro bevels are more forgiving than square edged boards to any minor height differences between of each board —perfect for boards which are not being sanded and finished on site. The new bevel still disguises any slight discrepancies in board height, but it also helps to create a sense of space and openness as the joints between each board are a little less defined.

Our new bevel strikes the perfect balance between the sleek, contemporary aesthetic of square edged planks and the traditional character of bevel edged boards. A bonus: the smaller the bevel, the less potential for dirt collecting in the joints— so, wood flooring with the new bevel will be even easier to clean and maintain.

Brown Engineered Oak Flooring

What Does the New Bevel Mean for Our Customers?

Whilst we’re introducing the new bevel to our product range, we will hold stock of both the old and new micro bevel for a little while. Whilst we’re in the transition phase, we advise checking which micro bevel our current stock has before ordering.