Is wood flooring in a bathroom a good idea?

1 December 2020
Regency Fired Aged Oak Flooring - Wood Flooring Project

As well as being clean and functional, a bathroom should be a sanctuary with a sense of comfort and indulgence. Creating the right atmosphere is vital when designing a room in which you can completely relax; using wood flooring in bathrooms is becoming an increasingly popular way to achieve a spa-inspired space. So, is having wood flooring in your bathroom a good idea?

Cornish Slate Oak Flooring Planks - Wood Flooring Project

The sense of welcoming luxury that can be achieved with wood flooring is undeniable; it looks fantastic in any space whilst carrying a sense of human tradition and a connection to nature. At Chaunceys, we believe that wood flooring is a superior choice in any room, including kitchens and even bathrooms.

Despite the common misconception that wood flooring is unsuitable in rooms where water will frequently be present, we have supplied and installed our wood flooring in bathrooms —with great success — for many projects across the UK. That said, taking a little care and choosing the right kind of wood flooring is vital if you want your floor to stay beautiful.

Why choose engineered wood flooring?

We strongly advise against using solid wood flooring in bathrooms as it will soon distort due to the high humidity levels. Instead, the only sensible option is engineered wood flooring.

Dark Toned Rough Sawn And Brushed Oak Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is specifically designed to be extremely stable and tolerant to environmental changes. High-quality engineered floorboards, such as Chaunceys’ Bristol Tectonic® planks, are manufactured using state-of-the-art methods which allow them to be used in a wide variety of situations— including installation above underfloor heating systems and in bathrooms.

Which finish should you choose for wood flooring in a bathroom?

There are generally two types of finish available on your wood flooring: hardwax oils and lacquers. Whereas oil finishes sink into the grain of the wood and protect it from within, lacquers sit on top of the wood and effectively seal the surface.

Oils and lacquers are both effective at stopping spillages from seeping into the timber; however, to avoid staining and other moisture-related issues, water should not be allowed to sit on the surface.

Advantages of using engineered wood flooring in your bathroom

The Look

Wood flooring has an abundance of warmth and character which looks striking in bathrooms. We offer a wide range of finishes to help create your desired aesthetic. No matter what kind of engineered wood flooring you choose, it will be beautiful.

Vintage Grey Oak Flooring - Wood Flooring Project

The Feel

Wood is naturally warmer underfoot than other flooring materials and we believe this makes it a perfect match for a bathroom.

There’s nothing compared to the wonderfully tactile nature of timber; hardwood floorboards —especially our textured planks — are a joy to walk on with bare feet.

Vintage Oak Flooring Natural


At Chaunceys we believe in wood flooring for life. Hardwood flooring is naturally a very durable material, and — as you will most likely be walking on it barefooted — surface scratches and scuffs are especially unlikely on bathroom floors. If properly installed and treated with care, high-end engineered timber flooring should last a lifetime.

Avoiding Issues


If possible, it’s best to keep a window open when running a hot bath or shower to get maximum ventilation in the bathroom. The aim is to help the moisture in the air dissipate quickly. Unchecked, the humidity levels in a steamy bathroom are likely to cause issues due to excessive movement of your wood flooring.

We strongly advise that you install good-quality extraction fan to help with ventilation. It’s best to keep it running for a little while after using the bath or shower to fully clear the moisture in the air.

Don’t leave puddles

The presence of water in a bathroom is unavoidable, but it shouldn’t stop you achieving your desired aesthetic. Engineered wood flooring can be a fantastic choice for a bathroom floor; however, to keep your flooring in perfect condition you’ll still need to be vigilant about the amount of water your wood flooring is exposed to.

To avoid potential problems, try and keep splashes and puddles to a minimum (admittedly, this is easier said than done in a family home with young children). Water left on the surface for too long can find its way through the gaps between the planks and may cause problems if it settles underneath them. We advise that you always keep a towel handy so that any pooled water can be wiped up immediately.

water running from a tap

It’s also a good idea to use bathroom matts to absorb some of the water as you get out of the bath or shower.

Maintenance of bathroom fixtures

Keep an eye on your bath and shower surrounds to help keep your floor as dry as you can. To keep the water in the right place, make sure you check all the joints are properly sealed with silicone. If any silicone starts to deteriorate, replace it quickly.

Watch out for plumbing leaks

If you’re vigilant about any leaks which may arise, you can deal with them as soon as you spot them and minimise any potential problems.

Chaunceys bathroom projects: success stories

Berkshire Townhouse refurb

Chaunceys laid Regency Fired engineered Oak flooring throughout a late Victorian house as part of a stunning refurbishment project in Maidenhead. This wood flooring gives luxurious style to the kitchen and bathroom as well as the rest of the house.

Regency Fired Aged Oak Flooring - Wood Flooring Project

Drummonds collaboration at Decorex

Chaunceys collaborated with luxury bathroom brand Drummonds to provide brushed engineered oak flooring for their stand at the 2016 Decorex International Interior Design Exhibition.

Cornish Slate Oak Flooring Planks - Wood Flooring Project

Product highlight: Invisible Lacquer Sawn & Brushed

We highly recommend our Invisible Lacquer Sawn & Brushed planks for bathrooms. We wire brush and rough saw these planks across the width of the board to create the unique ripples of cross sawn timber.

Invisible Lacquered Sawn and Brushed Wood Flooring In A Spa

The effect is raw and simple; it creates an eye-catching texture which feels wonderful underfoot and carries a sense of connection to the past and closeness to nature. The invisible lacquer protects the boards whilst showcasing the stripped-back, natural appearance. The added texture also provides additional grip.