Barley Farm

Board: Narrow French Carriage Oak
Grade: Reclaimed
Reclaimed Boxcar Oak - Wood Flooring Project
This beautiful kitchen features our reclaimed French Carriage Oak boards. These time-worn solid oak boards were rescued from the deconstruction of historical railway carriages. The full-thickness French Carriage Oak boards can be sliced in half to give the timber a new lease of life.
By re-processing these full-thickness reclaimed boards you can create cladding with exceptional character. Hit-and-miss planing and then oiling them brings out the warmth of the oak and enhances their characterful knots, cracks, and bolt holes.
Designed by @sustainablekitchens, this project is an excellent example of the visual impact of reclaimed wood when used in bespoke cabinetry and cladding.⁠ ⁠
The result: sustainably sourced solid oak boards which add natural warmth and soulful rustic charm to any space.⁠