Drummonds, Regency® Grey

Photo Credit: Chris Everard
Board: Regency® Tectonic® Oak
Grade: Character
Texture: Distressed
Regency Grey engineered oak flooring at Drummonds photoshoot

This stylish Art Deco space was the result of our most recent collaboration with Drummonds Bathrooms. Our Regency® Grey engineered oak planks perfectly complement this luxurious deep blue bathroom. These aged and distressed oak boards bring timeless majesty to this gorgeous interior, alongside Drummonds’ bathroom fixtures, and hand-painted wallpaper by de Gournay and Fromental.

⁠Our Regency® Grey engineered oak boards are created using a secret combination of 27 specialised ageing processes. The result: wood flooring with the characterful appearance of genuine reclaimed oak alongside the straightforward installation and structural stability of engineered planks.⁠

Styled by: Arabella McNie