Gara Rock (Part 2)

Bespoke — Montepulciano Shrunk & Sawn Oak

Board: Shrunk & Sawn Tectonic® Oak
Grade: Character
Montepulciano Sawn and Shrunk Oak Floor, Gara Rock - Wood Flooring Project

Gara Rock is a boutique hotel on the South Devon coast. This luxurious coastal retreat was beautifully refurbished with the help of House Nine Design, featuring shrunk and sawn oak flooring and reclaimed Warehouse Roof Pine.

This shrunk and sawn oak flooring was developed with rich textures and colour finishes in mind, inspired by the history and interior style of old Italy.⁠ ⁠We installed our shrunk and sawn engineered oak flooring throughout the hotel.

The flowing textures of these dark boards create a captivating hardwood floor which lends a sense of heritage and opulence to the hotel’s restaurant as well as numerous exclusive suites — including the Penthouse, the Signal House, and the Secret Suite. A floor needs to be extra special to draw your eyes away from the Penthouse’s stunning sea view; thankfully, these characterful oak boards and reclaimed pine feature walls are as eye-catching as they come.⁠