Lord’s View, Show Apartment

Brushed, Smoked & White Oiled

Main Contractor: Bond and Hunt
Board: Tectonic® Oak Chevron
Grade: Prime
Texture: Fine Brushed

Our stylish Chevron oak flooring looks superb in this luxury show apartment overlooking Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Installed by our expert in-house fitters, these 45-degree angled blocks were set against each other to form a striking geometric pattern for a contemporary and distinctive look.

These engineered oak Chevron were lightly brushed, smoked, and white oiled, adding gentle warmth and natural variation to the floor.

Smoked & White Oiled Oak Flooring

Our Barley Mist oak flooring from the Serenity Collection provides neutral fawn colours in contrast with a calming light grain. The fine-brushed, smoked, and white oiled oak creates sophisticated wood flooring with gentle warmth and natural variation.