The Fish Hotel & Retreat, Farncombe Estate

Designer: Modern Living
Board: Bristol Tectonic® Oak
Grade: Character
Texture: Heavy Brushed
Vintage Grey engineered oak wood flooring at The Fish Hotel

Nestled away in the rambling hills of the Cotswolds on the idyllic 400-acre private Farncombe Estate sits The Fish. This award-winning luxury hotel and retreat boasts a designer-styled restaurant and bar, a 14 seater cinema, country chic style rooms and exhilarating views.

Taking advantage of the UK’s 3rd Covid lockdown, The Fish underwent some remodelling work, headed up by the talented people at Modern Living. They chose our Vintage Grey Boards for the base of the newly renovated kitchen and living room. The mustard and navy hues throughout the room blend perfectly with our floors’ grey tone and accentuated grain.