Supporting the Forest of Avon Trust

1 December 2021

To celebrate National Tree Week 2021 we donated to the Forest of Avon Trust, pledging our support to them to further their tree planting and community projects, and helping them continue to care for woodlands in Bristol and Avon.

National Tree Week is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration; it runs from 27th November to 5th December and marks the start of the winter tree planting season.

Our Pledge

Our initial contribution is going towards the Forest of Avon Trust’s ‘Realise Our Optimal Tree-cover’ (ROOT) campaign, which focusses on enabling more people to get involved with their local green spaces, including planting trees in residential areas and improving access to nature for marginalised communities.

With our pledge, we are supporting the Forest of Avon Trust with their goals, including locally planting a further 500,000 native trees by 2030.

10 Goals In 10 Years

Working as part of England’s Community Forests, this charity is committed to improving green spaces to benefit the environment and the local community. They have set out a list of ten goals which they aim to achieve in the next ten years:

1. Plant 500,000 native trees and shrubs with support from our partners and the community.

2. Produce the Forest of Avon Plan, using this to guide tree planting and natural colonisation to the best places for people and wildlife.

3. Work with 100 communities in areas of low tree cover to plant trees, enabling them to benefit from them.

4. Support landowners to improve a further 500 hectares of woodland, containing up to 1 million trees.

5. Provide free advice on ash dieback which could kill 12% of trees and also other tree diseases, protecting the trees we have and replacing those lost.

6. Expand our woodland wellbeing activities across the whole of the West of England, enabling 50,000 people in need to learn about, improve and benefit from their local woodlands.

7. Involve 100,000 people in volunteering, benefitting wellbeing and providing life and work skills.

8. Run an online hub to support local people in planning, funding, planting and caring for trees, linking to local groups.

9. Improve access to and within 50 local woodlands and promote the 45-mile Community Forest Path.

10. Ensure the West of England continues to be strongly represented in national funding and policy decisions about trees.

Ten Goals In Ten Years —

Chaunceys takes pride in running an environmentally ethical business, supplying timber flooring from sustainably managed forests and minimising our environmental impact. With our love of trees and shared views on sustainability, we are excited to start working alongside the Forest of Avon Trust, now and for years to come.