Oskar Gieleta Kagon

Department: Sales
Job title: Customer Service Representative


+44 (0) 1179 72 59 17

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Oskar Gieleta Kagon Customer Service Representative at Chaunceys Timber Flooring

Oskar joined Chaunceys’ Customer Service team in 2024. With calm confidence, and motivated by achieving successful projects, he is quick to understand the needs and expectations of clients and enjoys the collaborative environment.

“I have a great opportunity to work with some fantastic clients. My favourite part of the job is the satisfaction gained by helping them to achieve their perfect flooring. “

Working with clients to achieve their desired aesthetic and provide efficient, dedicated customer service, Oskar is enjoying developing his understanding of the intricacies within the construction industry, building his knowledge with every completed project.

Fun fact: Oskar knows more about Star Wars than the average person.

Dream Floor: “Oak planks in a Vintage Grey finish.”