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The benefits of using reclaimed wood

Things to consider when buying reclaimed wood

Image & Kitchen design by Sustainable Kitchens

Reclaimed wood will bring character to any interior. It comes with an embedded history and does not conform to a perfect design. It has indentations, naturally aged colouring and other scars of wear and tear, however, it holds great visual individuality that will inevitably be admired by anyone who sees it.

Salvaged from old railway cars, barns and various other historical settings, our reclaimed boards are (like most reclaimed items) known for their variance in tone and wear from board to board.

Chaunceys has a long-standing heritage of supplying the best quality reclaimed materials paired with unparalleled service to both trade and retail customers. To promote this we have tailored a catalogue to showcase a sample of our ‘specialist’ reclaimed cladding and flooring options, sourced from all over Europe.

As reclaimed wood becomes more available, choosing it can be very ecologically beneficial.

Some of the reasons to seek out this practical approach means:

– Saving energy (it takes way less time to refurbish salvaged wood than to cut new wood, transport)
– Reducing virgin timber harvesting (reclaimed wood is stronger than virgin wood)
– Eliminates pollution caused from landfill burning
– Reduces fossil fuel use