Top 7 Interior Design Trends of 2022

28 November 2022
Gloss Oiled engineered Herringbone in kitchen

As we come to the end of a busy year, we reflect on what’s been popular flooring-wise and ask interior designer Anouska Tamony about this year’s noteworthy interior trends. So, what’s been on-trend 2022?

Gloss Oiled engineered Herringbone in kitchen
Gloss Oil on Tectonic® oak herringbone in Victorian home renovation in London. Designer: Anouska Tamony, Photo: Nick George

1. Multifunctional Spaces

Fuelled by the increase in home working, there’s been a noticeable movement towards creating flexible, multifunctional spaces. With open plan interiors increasingly sectioned off, homeowners are re-thinking their layouts and opting for ‘broken plan’ living. The focus is on making best use of every inch of every room, injecting personality into clearly defined zones for work and relaxation.

Douglas Fir in Study
Our Douglas Fir planks form the desk and shelving in the home office and library of this Edwardian home renovation. Credit: Katie Wilson

A mindful, innovative design approach is key in creating comfortable, clutter-free, ergonomic interiors with a sense of calm and privacy.

Anouska Tamony

2. Light and Bright

Lighter wood flooring choices have remained popular this year. With enduring trends for Scandi-inspired minimalist spaces, our Alabaster collection has been well liked for a long time. And the uplifting, calming tones offered by our lighter flooring options are still proving to be crowd-pleasers.

Dream White oak flooring in Kitchen
Dream White Bristol Tectonic® planks. Credit: House Nine Design and Robin Quarrelle Photography

3. Bold colours, Lively Patterns & Rich Textures

The events of the last few years have inspired a more playful approach to interior design, with an exploration of fun patterns and textures set to continue. Homeowners are really expressing their identity with their interior choices with bold colours and patterns, and luxurious textural elements.

A home feels truly homely and inviting when it embraces colour and tactility. There’s something enveloping and personal about a home that incorporates our favourite things, be it colours that evoke our favourite seasons and landscapes, or patterns that evoke favourite cultures or plants.

Anouska Tamony

Parquet flooring options have remained very popular this year, especially Herringbone. Vivid botanical and nature-inspired prints are continuing their rise in popularity too.

Deep Smoked oak flooring at Drummond bathroom photoshoot
Our Deep Smoked oak flooring, alongside a stunning copper bath from Drummonds and hand-painted wallpaper from Degournay.⁠
Roasted Honey planks laid in a diamond pattern
Roasted Honey oak planks laid in a bespoke diamond pattern. Designer: Anouska Tamony

Adding a brushed texture to our wood flooring is a great way to create texture-rich interiors. We’ve seen more and more clients opting to enhance the character of their flooring in this way.

Textures too connect us to our senses. The heightened sensuality of spaces that artfully meld colour, pattern, and texture create homes that don’t just look nice but feel nice, in every sense. 

Anouska Tamony
Fine Brushed Milky Coffee | Alabaster Collection
Brushed Bristol Tectonic® oak planks with our Milky Coffee finish
Brushed Burnt Umber oak flooring planks
Brushed Bristol Tectonic® oak planks with our Burnt Umber finish

4. Greens & Copper Elements

Green has been a key colour choice for 2022. Warming up dark green décor with oak flooring and rich copper accents is a deeply luxurious choice.

Vintage Grey oak herringbone flooring
Our Vintage Grey Herringbone in a beautiful Georgian Townhouse Kitchen by Artichoke.

5. Sustainable Design & Natural Materials

There is a continuing interior trend focussing on serene, nature-inspired spaces that create a sense of connection to nature. With mindfulness and mental health being brought into focus, there is a desire to create homes that are sanctuaries, full of calming organic elements.

Along with biophilic design, the movement toward carbon neutrality and sustainability is playing a vital part too. Eco-conscious and reclaimed natural materials are becoming important choices.

Hopefully the encouraging trend towards sustainable design and natural materials will prove an enduring movement towards greater sensitivity and consciousness of our collective impact on the environment.  

Anouska Tamony
Clear lacquered Tectonic® oak herringbone as the base for a calming, biophilic interior style.

We all have a responsibility to balance our desire to adapt and personalise our homes with choosing products, suppliers, and methods of manufacture that are kinder to the earth.

Anouska Tamony

Wood flooring is a key material choice for bringing organic elements into the home, both for its natural aesthetic and its sustainability. Giving rustic reclaimed timber a second chance as wall cladding is also a fantastic way to achieve that close-to-nature look with minimal environmental impact.

Raw Pine reclaimed cladding
Reclaimed Raw Pine wall cladding

Not only are natural materials much better for the environment, but when grown, processed, and transported in a way that minimises the use of harsh chemicals and hydrocarbons, they are healthier to our own bodies and those of our families.

Anouska Tamony

6. Earthy Shades of Brown

Interiors grounded with natural warm colours, such as earthy, comforting, chocolate browns are seeing a resurgence. These rich hues could replace grey to become a versatile go-to colour choice in 2023.

Midnight Brown Sawn & Brushed flooring
Our Midnight Brown Sawn & Brushed engineered oak flooring

7. Other Species: Alternative Flooring Choices

We’ve had a lot of interest in our alternative species, such as Ash, Elm and Douglas Fir. Whilst the traditional choice of oak is still hugely popular, more clients are exploring other wood flooring options. Each species has its own distinctive look and enable our clients to expand their creative freedom.

Tectonic® English Elm with Invisible Lacquer