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What is brushed wood flooring?

Brushing is a great way to create a traditional look and can give wood flooring the character of reclaimed timber. The process involves running a wire rotary brush over the boards in the direction of the grain to remove the softer fibres of wood. This emphasises the contrast in the grain of your floorboards, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood’s structure.

Brushing options

At Chaunceys, our Bristol finish team can create a wide range of textures in-house. We can brush your wood flooring to various depths depending on the look you want to achieve. Fine brushing adds a subtle amount of texture and charm, whereas heavy brushing is more dramatic and provides a very tactile rustic finish. These textures are available on all pre-finished Chaunceys boards.

Brushed Burnt Umber wooden flooring from Redland Refurbishment project

Sawn & Brushed

We also offer sawn and brushed boards, which we wire brush and rough saw across the width of the board to create the unique ripples of cross sawn timber. The effect is raw & simple, replicating traditional timber cutting methods. If you want to create a beautiful floor that connects to the past, take a look out at our Sawn & Brushed collection.

Sawn and Brushed floor with Invisible Lacquer at Barton Spa project

Camouflage for scratches

Brushed wood flooring is more forgiving if it’s ever scratched, as the scratches tend to hide among the ridges that the brushing has created. Consequently, these textured finishes are a popular choice for high traffic areas and they are ideal for homes with dogs.

Brushed wooden flooring at Faconnable project in Paris