Wood Flooring in 2021: Trend Predictions

21 January 2021
Cornish Slate Engineered Herringbone Oak - Wood Flooring Project

At Chaunceys, we’ve been reflecting on 2020’s popular wood flooring choices and thinking about which trends will continue through 2021. With many of us spending more time at home recently, the focus for many has turned to creating the perfect home environment: a place that is comforting and uplifting. So, what do we predict to be the on-trend wood flooring choices for making beautiful living spaces this year?

Farmhouse kitchen with Douglas Fir wood flooring with Double Linen finish

White Washed Douglas Fir Flooring

Wide Planks

We have seen a rise in requests for wider planks over the past year. Wide planks can help to create a sense of space and openness. They are visually less busy because there are less joints; as a result, the eye is drawn across the width and length of the room which makes a space feel bigger.

Wide planks are also a great way to showcase the unique grain patterns and character features of the wood. Alternatively, wide prime grade planks, which have less knots, create a clean contemporary aesthetic —this can be accentuated further by choosing square edged boards.

At Chaunceys, we offer our Bristol Tectonic® engineered planks up to 300mm wide.

Vintage Grey Oak Flooring - Wood Flooring Project
Vintage Oak Flooring Grey Toned

Herringbone Blocks

Herringbone blocks have been a very popular format this year and we expect this trend to continue into 2021. Patterned wood flooring has undeniable charm; herringbone and chevron can add a sense of luxury and heritage to any space. We think these parquet flooring options make an impressive statement in entrance rooms and hallways.

Our versatile engineered Tectonic® herringbone blocks are also compatible with underfloor heating.

Cornish Slate Engineered Herringbone Oak - Wood Flooring Project

dark finish engineered herringbone flooring

Reclaimed Timber

We expect to see a continued demand for reclaimed timber in 2021. At Chaunceys, we take pride in running an environmentally ethical business, so we are pleased to see that reclaimed timber is becoming such a popular choice.

Sustainability is as important as ever; thankfully, consumers are more frequently turning to responsibly sourced materials. Re-using existing timber reduces virgin timber harvesting and has a small carbon footprint — a great benefit for our eco-conscious clients. Extending the service life of the timber in this way allows you to have solid hard-wearing wood with minimal environmental impact.

Reclaimed wood is not only ecologically sound, but it also comes with an embedded history and unique visual impact. We believe it will continue to add timeless rustic charm to many projects this year.

Reclaimed Victorian Roof Pine wood flooring in Nutgrove Avenue project

Reclaimed Victorian Machined Roof Pine

Grey Tones and Whitewash Finishes

Whitewashes and light grey tones work perfectly as a foundation for a calming Scandi-inspired aesthetic. We’re predicting that these cooler hues will remain a popular choice this year, with the focus on fresh, clean, neutral interiors. There has been growing interest in transforming rooms into inspiring, healthy spaces; bright home gyms and uplifting kitchen-diners are very much in vogue.

Have a look at our Alabaster collection for lighter-toned wood flooring finishes.

Kitchen With Light Finished Oak Floors

Dream White finish from the Alabaster collection

Dark Finishes

Rich, deep-toned wood flooring is another much-admired option which we believe will continue to add a sense of Baroque-era indulgence to many 2021 projects. Our Luxe collection offers a range of beautiful finishes to turn any home into a sanctuary of opulence and sophistication.

open plan kitchen showing floor planks in a mid-dark finish colour.
dark finish on micro bevelled oak plank Flooring

Natural Timber Tones

We expect to see the demand for true-to-nature finishes to continue this year, with choices such as our Invisible Lacquer and Matt Oil remaining as popular as ever. Clear finishes with low sheen levels allow the natural warm tones and unique character of the Oak to steal the show; these classic finishes are extremely versatile and lend themselves to an inviting organic aesthetic.

Matt Oiled Oak Flooring - Wood Flooring Project

Matt Oiled Bristol Tectonic engineered oak wood flooring