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Interior Trend: Douglas Fir

For those whose interior décor vision leads them away from the traditional choice of oak, there are some other fantastic species available that can create equally exceptional wood flooring. Douglas Fir is one of these species that has recently become a very popular wood flooring choice —and it’s easy to see why.

So, why is Douglas Fir becoming the on-trend contemporary wood flooring choice?

Light Dream White finish on Douglas Fir flooring at Elizabeth Mews

Natural Douglas Fir Tones

Douglas Fir wood is naturally lighter in tone than oak and lends itself to creating light and airy spaces. The unfinished timber has light red-brown tones in its gently waving grain patterns which contrast beautifully with its lighter coloured sapwood. When finished with Matt Oil, its natural tones steal the show to create the sense of connection to nature which goes hand in hand with Scandi-inspired interiors.

Matt Oil finish on Douglas Fir

Dream White: a perfect finish for Douglas Fir

For those who want a fresh and bright interior with a grand sense of space, opt for extra-wide engineered Douglas Fir planks finished in Dream White. Dream White creates a light, uplifting finish which perfectly complements the natural tone of this timber species; it’s an uplifting finish which looks brilliant in any setting and is spectacular in open plan spaces.

Our Dream White finish showcases the natural character of this species. It features subtle yet distinctive pink tones in its grain structure to create a stunning contemporary aesthetic.

Light Dream White finish on Douglas Fir

Deep Smoked Douglas Fir

For those who want something rich and distinctive, or if you prefer the look of dark wood flooring, our Deep Smoked Douglas Fir is a fantastic option. The boards are darkened by a fuming process which reacts with the tannins in the wood to create beautiful deep-toned wood flooring.

Smoked Douglas Fir wood flooring

Majestic dimensions

Douglas Fir trees grow to huge sizes. Due to the vast dimensions of the trees, this species lends itself perfectly to the production of extra-wide, extra-long wood flooring planks. We offer Douglas Fir on engineered planks which are 300mm wide and up to 4 metres long. Douglas Fir wood flooring with these broad dimensions will create an interior with exquisite grandeur.

We also offer Douglas Fir on chevron and herringbone parquet patterns.

Sustainable wood flooring

If eco-credentials are as important to you as they are to us, then you will want your wood flooring to be manufactured using timber that is sustainable and has a minimal impact on the environment. Douglas Fir grows much quicker than oak and is an abundant, sustainable source of timber. The species originated in North America, but now grows sustainably in the UK and Europe. The trees grow tall (some up to 60 metres high) and straight which means they yield lots of useful timber.

“Today Douglas Fir is the second most common non-native tree species in European forests where it covers more than 800,000 hectares.”

European Forest Institute (2019)
Light Dream White finish on Douglas Fir flooring in Bright Modern Home

Douglas Fir facts

The tree is named after Scottish botanist David Douglas. And it’s not actually a true fir — nor is it a spruce, or a pine; it has its own scientific genus name of Pseudotsuga.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir

We also offer a variety of reclaimed Douglas Fir boards, from the subtle time-tested character of our Victorian collection, to the more rustic distressed aesthetic of our Warehouse collection. These planks are a fantastic way to get sustainable solid wood flooring or cladding, and it has that sought-after reclaimed timber charm.

Reclaimed Warehouse Douglas Fir - Wood Flooring Product

Light But Strong

Douglas Fir is a light but strong softwood. To be scientific, it has a Janka hardness rating of 2900N, so it’s not as resilient as hardwoods such as oak but it’s still durable. It’s more susceptible to dents than oak, but when finished with the right protective product and treated with care, it makes for extraordinary long-lasting wood flooring.

Douglas Fir samples

Request a free Douglas Fir sample here, or feel free to contact our Bristol-based team of experts about our Douglas Fir products.