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Snowdrift Pine

Rescued from old European farm buildings and alpine dwellings, these boards are whitewashed and hit-and-miss sanded to enhance their rustic look, creating the captivating contours of wind-carved snow.

These softwood boards are a beautiful mixture of heavily textured pine, spruce, birch, alder and poplar. Transformed by exposure to the elements, our Snowdrift Pine boards are processed to showcase their texture, creating undeniable visual drama — perfect for making a rustic design statement as cladding on walls and ceilings.

suitable for cladding icon Suitable for cladding only.

Note: Due to the reclamation process of these boards, the material is supplied in a random range of lengths and widths. Appearance and sizes will likely differ from batch to batch.

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  • Snowdrift Pine
  • Construction
  • Lengths
    1m - 1.9m
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  • Dimensions:
    15-20mm x 100mm - 220mm
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    Square Shoulder
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