Drummonds, Deep Smoked Heavy Brushed Herringbone

Photo Credit: Chris Everard
Board: Deep Smoked Oak Herringbone
Grade: Mill Run
Texture: Heavy Brushed
Deep Smoked heavy brushed oak herringbone flooring at Drummonds bathrooms photoshoot

Our beautiful Heavy-Brushed Deep Smoked oak herringbone are featured here in our collaboration with Drummonds Bathrooms.

This dark, solid oak herringbone flooring goes through a specialised smoking process which enhances the natural beauty of the wood, offering sumptuous, dark-tones; it looks sensational here alongside Drummonds’ luxury bathroom fixtures and hand-painted wallpaper from Degournay.⁠

The grain and characterful features are darkened and enhanced in these parquet blocks, creating a stunning, multitoned aesthetic. This adds another dimension to the traditional yet striking herringbone pattern, showcasing the characteristic colour variations between each Deep Smoked block.

We recommend adding a brushed texture to these square edged blocks to further accentuate the grain. This will create truly captivating wood flooring that can be supplied pre-finished.

Stylist: Arabella McNie