Gate Lodge – The Newt

Main Contractor: Ken Biggs
Photo Credit: The Newt in Somerset
Board: Tectonic® Elm
Grade: Mill Run
Gate Lodge Hearth Fitting Detail

Our Tectonic® Elm flooring lends its natural charm to the Gate Lodge at The Newt in Somerset. Originally the gatehouse to Hadspen House, the property is full of charming features and has been renovated to create an exquisite self-contained two-bedroom cottage nestled within the award-winning country estate.

Our Elm boards offer characterful swirling grain patterns and creamy contrasting sapwood. This floor perfectly complements the beautifully designed interior and the historic building itself. The Invisible Lacquer finish protects the wood whilst giving the appearance of unfinished timber, elegantly displaying the Elm’s natural tones.

Chaunceys’ Invisible Lacquered Elm flooring also features in The Newt’s Garden Cafe.